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Emergency Medical Responder Training/New OHS 2020

Hey All

So you may be aware that there has been an updated version of Saskatchewan OHS Regulations released this year with some changes.

Some of the changes that grabbed my attention and may have affected your workplace are found in section 5 regarding first aid (as well as tables 2 & 9 of the appendix).

First Aid personnel required is dependant on the level of risk and number of workers just to pick something for example lets say you are on a worksite that has 26-50 workers on a moderate risk worksite you will need a "class B" attendant.

Please see more in the OHS regulations but a class B attendant must have taken a 60-80 hr course. In order to respond to this we will now be offering the 2 week Red Cross EMR course in Saskatoon.

It is always important to keep up to speed on legislation that is applicable to your worksite so if you havent already done so please check it out by looking up Saskatchewan OHS regulations 2020.

Stay safe all

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