Victory Safety and Training

Ground Disturbance for Supervisors

(commonly known as "201" or "Level 2") is aligned with CSA, industry, and provincial ground disturbance standards. The course is geared towards current or potential supervisors and equipment operators who need to show proof of competency at an advanced ground disturbance level.

This course offers practical knowledge for safely performing ground disturbance activities. It covers federal and provincial standards, with a particular focus on Alberta's legislation and safe work practices. The course consists of 8 modules, including a practical exercise where you will use the knowledge gained over the course to answer a series of questions related to a ground disturbance activity.

Course Outline
Module 1 – An Introduction to Ground Disturbance
Module 2 – Damage Prevention
Module 3 – Damage Prevention Stakeholders
Module 4 – Pre-Disturbance Planning
Module 5 – Pre-Disturbance Preparation
Module 6 – Disturbance Execution
Module 7 – Disturbance Closeout
Module 8 – Practical Exercise

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