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Now a Red Cross Instructor Development Centre

We are so happy to announce we are now a Red Cross Instructor Development Centre. 

So what does this mean?

We can now conduct instructor training and recertification for Red Cross programs such as standard first aid, first responder, emergency medical responder, basic life support, psychological first aid and more.

To get started we will be scheduling standard first aid and professional responder very soon and will be conduction a standard first aid instructor course early in the new year.

Emergency Medical Responder Training/New OHS 2020

Hey All

So you may be aware that there has been an updated version of Saskatchewan OHS Regulations released this year with some changes.

Some of the changes that grabbed my attention and may have affected your workplace are found in section 5 regarding first aid (as well as tables 2 & 9 of the appendix).

First Aid personnel required is dependant on the level of risk and number of workers just to pick something for example lets say you are on a worksite that has 26-50 workers on a moderate risk worksite you will need a "class B" attendant.

Please see more in the OHS regulations but a class B attendant must have taken a 60-80 hr course. In order to respond to this we will now be offering the 2 week Red Cross EMR course in Saskatoon.

It is always important to keep up to speed on legislation that is applicable to your worksite so if you havent already done so please check it out by looking up Saskatchewan OHS regulations 2020.

Stay safe all

WHMIS Training Saskatoon

Here at Victory we offer WHMIS training in our classrooms in Saskatoon or even online. If you use chemicals, which most of us do right, then you need WHMIS training. When you look closely at any bottle or chemicals you use, it might get confusing. And with us being so conscious of keeping clean nowadays, WHMIS importance is at an all time high. WHMIS stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. What we do in our course is we talk about the symbols you may see on bottles, labels that may need to be applied to different chemicals, we talk about safety data sheets which give you information on chemicals you are using, and more. This course is great for just about any industry you are involved in. Who doesn't use chemicals? We offer our WHMIS training in Saskatoon in our classroom or online.

Standard First Aid Training in Saskatoon

Victory Safety and Training in Saskatoon offers Standard First Aid training weekly in Saskatoon.

Did you know we do standard first aid training here at Victory Safety and Training every week in Saskatoon? Here at Victory, we have been offering safety training since 2008.

We have been offering courses like first aid training, fall protection training, confined space training, and equipment operator training. We even do drug and alcohol testing. All sorts of things that are meant to get you onto the work site.

So our standard first aid training program is a two day programme that is meant to meet the requirements of Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety. In the first aid training, we cover topics like choking, bandaging, CPR, using an AED, even CPR on babies. The standard first aid certificate may be required on work sites such as oil and gas and mining sites, in a warehouse or even in the office.

And it's definitely beneficial for someone at home to have this type of training. We've been doing this for 12 years, and we're still loving

Saskatoon Fall Protection Training Course

We offer a couple of Fall Protection Training courses here in Saskatoon. One is our own in house course and the other one is the Energy Safety Canada Fall Protection program.

So here, at Victory, we offer our in house program, and we also offer an Energy Safety Canada approved fall protection program. So the difference between the two is is basically what's needed on your work site. So Energy Safety Canada Fall Protection program is designed to make the oilsands happy.