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WHMIS Training Saskatoon

Here at Victory we offer WHMIS training in our classrooms in Saskatoon or even online. If you use chemicals, which most of us do right, then you need WHMIS training. When you look closely at any bottle or chemicals you use, it might get confusing. And with us being so conscious of keeping clean nowadays, WHMIS importance is at an all time high. WHMIS stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. What we do in our course is we talk about the symbols you may see on bottles, labels that may need to be applied to different chemicals, we talk about safety data sheets which give you information on chemicals you are using, and more. This course is great for just about any industry you are involved in. Who doesn't use chemicals? We offer our WHMIS training in Saskatoon in our classroom or online.

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